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Here are a few words about me.



When I was nine years old, my mom and dad gave me six small packs of Fimo clay for Christmas.

It was the only thing I wished for and I was so happy. The best present I`ve ever received.


As I got older, I forgot all about that Christmas and the wonderful present.

But one day in the Autumn 2005, I received a package from a beloved friend who lives in the United States. I was so exited and I could hardly wait to open it.

What a wonderful surprise it was. When I opened the box, I found two packages of Prosculpt.  My memories of the most wonderful Christmas came back to me and I felt I was nine years old again. The joy and the excitement I felt as a child came back. It was a totally identical feeling.

On a beautiful autumn day, it accured to me, that maybe I was born to sculpt. Nothing in the world, except my family, gives me more pleasure.


In 1991 I sculpted my very first doll. I was really excited about it and I knew in my heart that it wouldn't be my last doll.

My children, Mads and Julie, are very important to me. For years I spend most of my time with them.

I really enjoyed being with my children and I always knew that eventually some day I would start sculpting again.


In 1995 we moved from Denmark to live in Norway for a few years. Norway is a very beautiful country and we enjoyed our stay there very, very much.

While living in Norway, I found a hobby store near by my neighborhood. I enjoyed that a lot. The owner of the store introduced Super Sculpey to me and that's how my doll adventure really began.

In 2005 I sculpted a doll based on the anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen's birth. Hans Christian Andersen wrote a lot of wonderful fairytales and he is my very favorite fairytale writer.

His fairytales always meant a lot to me and it was important to me to continue sculpting. So I continued sculpting some characters from his fairytales.

The Little Match Girl, the Emperor from the Nightingale and the Snow Queen are important characters to me.

I have a dream that I one day will be able to sculpt Thumbelina, but I need to learn new sculpting methods. I am a very lucky person because I know where to learn. Thank you very much, Asta.

I never use molds for any of my dolls. All my dolls are sculpted by me and they all are One of a kind. I design and make the clothes as well.


In 2005 I had the most wonderful experience. I found Asta on the internet and she has become my teacher and a beloved friend to me.

Have you ever heard about " online-doll-sculpting-classes"?? Believe me, she is an expert.

Asta is like me a doll artist and she makes the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen. Besides being a great artist, she is the most wonderful friend I've ever had too.

Please take a look at her beautiful dolls on her website:


I believe that all people are gifted in one way or another.

Let your life be your inspiration.

Enjoy life and live it while you have the time. Maybe tomorrow it will be too late.

I hope you'll enjoy my "world" and you are welcome to visit any time.

I am looking forward to your visit.

Best regards from

Sanne Dragsbaek.