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Astrids Doll

I made this doll for my niece, Astrid.

She is a girl who loves life, friends, theater and dance a lot.

And we all love Astrid.

The doll is an OOAK like my other dolls.

The Painter.

I made this doll for one of my fathers friends. He is a painter and he wanted me to use his old pants for the doll. And so I did. He was so happy about the doll and that made me feel happy too.

I named the doll Nothing.

In spring 2005 I made this doll for my fathers birthday. I asked my father several times for his birthdaywishes. He always told me that he had absolutely no wish by saying "Nothing". I made this native american and named him Nothing. So my fathers wish came true.... He had what he wanted the most... Nothing.

The maid.

I made this doll for another very special friend for her birthday.

Ursula and I are colleges too and she has become a dear friend to me too.

We have a lot of fun and when she went away for several weeks in the spring 2005 I missed her a lot. I really waited for her return to Denmark.

She really is very special......

Theodor Felgen.

I made this doll just for fun.

It`s a doll from a Norwegian dollmovie.

A wonderful movie and a very funny doll.